Work from Home Resume Sample & 17 Skills to Include

Instrumental in resolving issues and collaborating with teams to provide impeccable client support. As a remote worker, it’s easy to run into a problem and feel like you have to solve it on your own. And, because you’re not sitting in the same office as your team, you can get off schedule or overwhelmed without anyone else noticing. Without your boss walking by and the office manager checking your timesheet, it’s up to YOU to get your work done.

Chances are you won’t have experience with all the tools they use and that’s fine. If you have experience working remotely, outline when, what company, and how you were successful in the role. If you haven’t worked remotely before, share comparable experiences like when you worked from home a few days per week or any freelancing experience you have. Every company wants to hire and work with people who share the same values. Be open about what you’re looking for in coworkers and what kind of qualities are most important to your team. Expensify, that has both in-office and remote workers, organizes a month-long offsite trip every year.

Top 10 Must-Have Remote Work Skills

Alright, so I’m guessing I’ve sold you on the life of the remote worker. But if you’ve been working in a more traditional job or you’ve been out of the workforce for several years, the prospect of landing a remote job might seem overwhelming. In the past decade, the number of remote opportunities has increased exponentially as more and more companies start to offer remote positions and work-from-home options. Think of fun things you could do with your team over video conferences, like trivia contests, virtual happy hours, or simply taking a little time during meetings to chit chat about life. To land your dream position, you need to show that you are capable of being productive and committed to being remote permanently. In other words, working from an ad hoc space won’t necessarily work for the long term; you’ll need to show that you’ve created an environment that’s distraction-free.

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The Rise of Cyber-Physical Systems.

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While offices are distracting at times, they can also provide peer pressure to work as you can physically see your coworkers. While it’s a myth that remote workers aren’t productive, hiring managers still want assurance that you’ll be working. When you’re hiring remote employees, you may come across various challenges, like where to publish your remote positions or how to build your employer brand online. In this guide, we provide tips on how to recruit and hire remote employees, plus guidance to manage and retain them.

Has your performance and efficiency increased working remotely?

But, without the ability to see your clients in person and shake those hands, it can be easy for those relationships to slip away — something your employers are sure to worry about. When you work remotely, you won’t have a manager looking over your shoulder. That means that you need to take responsibility for your own work and schedules. An interviewer asking this question may be as interested, or even more interested, in your personal attitude towards the challenges that this year has presented.

  • Obviously, when you work from home, you’re not around as many people in contrast to working in an office setting.
  • Are you really into calendars and scheduling tasks and blocks of time to work?
  • Give a clear picture of how you will work and why it will be a quiet and productive space.
  • Before you interview for a remote job, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re cut out for a remote role.
  • It’s important because it determines how you’ll fit into the team.

No one wants to see your unmade bed or your wine stash in the background. Before your interview, especially if you know it’s a behavioral interview, pick out several of these traits and think of times you’ve showcased these skills in the workplace. This will help an work from home experience employer realize you’re cut out for remote work and that they’ll be able to trust you, even if you’ve never worked remotely before. In fact, it may be even more important to focus on it when working remotely than when in-office, where it can happen organically.