Company Secretarial Practice

Our Firm offers a range of services to support companies in their compliance and governance responsibilities. The services offered by us include:
  1. Corporate Governance: We assists in ensuring that the company’s board of directors and executive management comply with relevant laws and regulations governing the company’s operations.
  2. Compliance: We ensure that the company complies with its legal and regulatory obligations, such as filing of annual returns, maintaining statutory registers, and updating the company’s constitution as required.
  3. Company Formation: We helps in the incorporation of companies and obtaining relevant licenses and permits from relevant regulatory bodies and agencies.
  4. Shareholder Management: We assist with shareholder management, such as ensuring compliance with shareholder rights, preparation of annual reports, and organizing annual general meetings.
Company Secretarial Support: We provide general company secretarial support, such as advising on corporate governance matters, drafting and reviewing legal documents, and providing support for mergers and acquisitions.