Buba Partners offer a wide range of legal services to clients in the aviation sector, helping them navigate complex legal issues and transactions, manage legal risks, and protect their investments in aircraft and aviation operations. The law firm is conversant with aviation Laws, Protocols and other international treaties. Have experience in negotiating customer dispute issues and have served as defense attorneys in civil aviation litigation. Other services include:
  1. Aircraft Purchases and Sales: Our firm can assist clients with aircraft purchases and sales, including drafting and negotiating purchase agreements, conducting due diligence, and closing transactions.
  2. Aircraft Leasing: We can also help clients with aircraft leasing matters, including drafting and negotiating lease agreements, reviewing lease terms, and resolving disputes between lessors and lessees.
  3. Aviation Litigation: Our law firm represents clients in aviation litigation matters, such as disputes over ownership, leasing, or financing of aircraft, product liability claims, or personal injury claims.
  4. Aviation Regulation: We can assist clients with compliance of aviation regulations, including those issued by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), the Federal Ministry of Aviation, and other regulatory bodies.
  5. Financing and Securitization: We can advise clients on aircraft financing and securitization matters, including structuring financing arrangements, drafting loan agreements, and creating and managing asset-backed securities.
  6. Aircraft Operations: Our team expertise can also advise clients on aircraft operations matters, including maintenance and repair regulations, crew training requirements, and safety and security protocols.
  7. Aviation Insurance: We assist clients with aviation insurance matters, including obtaining insurance coverage, managing insurance claims, and advising on insurance policy terms.