The members of the firm are all Chartered Arbitrators. We understand all the nuances of arbitration and how to make a good bargain on behalf of our clients.  Our firm is capable of assisting clients in achieving a successful outcome in an arbitration and helping them navigate the complexities that arise in this process. By:
  1. Advise on the Pros and Cons of Arbitration: We advise clients on the pros and cons of arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism, including the advantages of confidentiality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, as well as the potential disadvantages of limited discovery and a lack of appeal options.
  2. Develop the Arbitration Strategy: We work with clients to develop an effective arbitration strategy, including identifying the key issues and goals, preparing evidence, and selecting arbitrator(s).
  3. Draft Pleadings and Submissions: Our team drafts pleadings and submissions, including the statement of claim or defense, witness statements, and expert reports, to present your client’s case in the best possible light.
  4. Conduct Legal Research: We conduct legal research to support client’s case, including identifying relevant case law, statutes, and legal principles.
  5. Represent Client in Hearings: We also represent clients in arbitration hearings, including presenting evidence, examining witnesses, and making oral arguments.
  6. Negotiate Settlement: Our firm negotiates settlement on behalf of clients, either before or during the arbitration process, to avoid the time and expense of a full hearing.